Hi my name is Ray and I am here to help you make some money.

I stumbled across this not to long ago and have made some REALLY good money from this, It is called "paid to surf"

I joined each of the programs below by investing money once!!!!.....and am now seeing a nice chunk of change come in (MORE AND MORE every week)

I will tell you what I did, I invested $240 in the first program (you do not need to invest this much), 12 daily pro, and then the profits I made from it I invested in the others listed, you have to diversify......
I personally have $600 in each of the programs. (from my profits)

The programs are listed below......

First off signup for a AlertPay account
You'll need this to get started with these profit sharing companies

12 daily pro (12% for 12 days) This is where I made my initial investment of $240 they are VERY well managed and as you can see offer a nice rate of return.......Each upgrade costs $6

Check out the details of their site here

I am also a member of the following surf sites

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